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Temple Menorah Rabbi's Weekly Message
A Blessing, a Hope as We Approach Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This month, our country celebrates a man who led boldly and bravely with both his words and his actions. His memory is a blessing. His legacy is a blessing. Inspired by Dr. King, I offer these words of blessing:


O God, Ultimate Unity and Source of Wholeness:


Give us the strength, wisdom and clarity of vision to use our power to work for peace.


Give us the perseverance to relentlessly insist on an end to oppression.


Give us the energy and patience and humor we need to dialogue together, to work together and to build relationships together.


Grant us the chutzpah, the bold determination, to insist that neither the color of a person’s skin - nor the religion she practices - nor the size of his bank account - nor the gender she embodies - will determine that person’s access to freedom and opportunity.


Grant us the hope to keep dreaming that our world can indeed be a more just, more kind and more humane place for all people.


God, help us to turn our prayers into actions. Like the Psalmist wrote, Adonai oz l’amo yiten Adonai y’varech et amo va’shalom[1] – May God give strength to God’s people and grant us peace so that we can be a source of blessing and strength and peace to all those who need it.


[1] Psalm 29