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The Ones Who Cross Over

Judaism and the Jewish people have long had a complicated relationship with change. On one hand, we are known as Ivrim, which colloquially means 'Hebrews.' More technically, though, it means 'the ones who cross over.' Since Abraham, the first Ivri, we have been a people well acquainted with change. Our people have often crossed from one place to another, from one way of interpreting the tradition to another or from one way of integrating tradition with modernity to another. On the other hand, the rabbis of the midrash state clearly that 'kol hatchalot kashot... all beginnings are difficult.' While Judaism may provide us with language to describe our complicated relationship with change, having a hard time with it is hardly a phenomenon unique to the Jewish people. It is simply human, defined by a basic principle of physics... inertia.

As I write this, Rabbi Silver is enjoying his first days of retirement while I am busy trying to get to know you all. As a congregation, we are, quite literally, in the epicenter of major change, crossing new boundaries while also facing inertia with every move we make. I am energized by the excitement that so many of you bring when we meet. Your love for Temple Menorah shines when we talk about your relationship with the synagogue leading up to this point and your hopes for the future. I look forward to countless more of those conversations in the years to come. At the same time, I am mindful that beginnings are, like rabbis and physicists alike teach, difficult. If you find yourself struggling or feeling disconnected at any point, it is understandable. I hope that instead of sitting quietly with your difficulties, you will use them as an opportunity to reach out and let me know.

It is my firm belief that the way any member of the Temple Menorah community experiences this change is an opening for conversation and a welcome opportunity to get to know one another. Like my door, my ears are open.